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Myostim 120 Caplets by Champion Nutrition

Myostim 120 Caplets
By Champion Nutrition
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Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $47.96
Package Type: 120 Caplets
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Myostim Description

For as long as you've been lifting weights you've probably been told that your genetics will ultimately determine how strong, how big, and how lean you can get. You were also told that muscle cells don't divide and the one's you have will grow only so much. You learned that, short of resorting to risky alternatives, you'd eventually reach a point where your improvement would slow to a crawl or stop altogether.

Worst of all, this logic was more or less correct.

Today, we are standing at the forefront of the greatest discovery for athletes in the last fifty years. Recently researchers have discovered the primary gene for the control of muscle. This gene makes a hormone that prevents muscle growth and increases fat storage. They call it myostatin.

If you want to get lean and gain muscle or strength, myostatin is your worst enemy. It is the one hormone in your body whose only mission is to stop you from getting in better shape. Everyone makes myostatin, and it is the primary reason why it is almost impossible to make dramatic increases in muscle size and performance naturally. That's because every time you do something that stimulates improvement, your body stops it with a burst of myostatin.

Suppress myostatin and muscles begin to grow naturallyIn the past few years, scientists have discovered that suppressing myostatin production enabled animals to achieve staggering levels of muscularity. In some cases, the genetically altered mice that produced no myostatin had as much as 300% more muscle than normal mice.

Also, the animals that have been subject to genetic myostatin control are fantastically lean in spite of their impressive muscularity.

Most exciting of all, when researchers block the creation of myostatin, muscle cells begin to divide and grow naturally. For fifty years, we've been told this wasn't possible!

After extensive research, Champion Nutrition found a scientist that had isolated a naturally occurring fraction of a sea vegetable. It binds strongly to myostatin, thereby deactivating it. This discovery made it possible for Champion to begin work on the first product ever specifically designed to bind myostatin in humans.

Myostim - the first generation of the new age. Once they had found a compound that bound myostatin they had to develop a delivery system to get it into muscle. At the same time Champion wanted to make sure that all of the synergistic pathways of muscle synthesis were properly supported. After all, muscle development requires that many things come together at once.

Unlike other supplements, which may work fast, but with results that taper off over time, the action of myostatin control is gradual but consistent. In fact, research studies have shown that as long as myostatin is under positive control, animals NEVER PLATEAU.

Research also indicates that it doesn't require the huge amounts of food to gain lots of mass once myostatin is under control. Animals under myostatin control, gained extraordinary amounts of muscle on similar food but were actually much leaner than normal animals. They also had much lower cholesterol levels. Myostatin inhibition may prove to be the fat loss secret of the future.

It appears that, for the first time, you may be able to improve even when you've blown it by missing a workout or missing a meal.

Even things like being stressed out (which would normally stop your gains dead in their tracks) won't affect your growth the same way when you have myostatin under control.

In addition, only Champion Nutrition's MyoStim is enteric coated. Unless enteric coated, up to 99% of the myostatin binder is destroyed during digestion.

Myostim Additional Notes

It's the one protein in your body whose only mission is to stop you from growing! Everybody makes it, and it's the reason that it's almost impossible to get big naturally. MyoStim is the world's first natural product that stops myostatin in its tracks. Derived from a sea vegetable, this natural compound attaches to myostatin and deactivates it. This may allow you to keep growing even when you miss a meal or a workout.

Myostim Recommended Use

Take one capsule four times a day on an empty stomach and don't eat anything for 30 minutes. Time doses so that you train about an hour after taking it.

Myostim Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Cystoseira canariensis Fraction-C extract (> 90% sulfo-polysaccharide), sodium lactate, potassium lactate, rhodiola rosea (standardized to 5% rosavin), rhaponticum carthamoides, piperin (piper nigrum).

Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, blue #1, yellow #5.


Keep out of the reach of children.