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Leukic 180 Caps by MuscleTech

Leukic 180 Caps
By MuscleTech
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Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $55.99
Package Type: 180 Caps
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Leukic Description

Advanced Anabolic Activator

  • World's First 100% Anabolic Compound
  • Zero Negative Androgenic Side Effects
  • Produces Permanent Gains in High-Quality Dense Muscle with Ongoing Training
  • Immediately Stimulates Muscle Growth

Team MuscleTech researchers set about to discover a way to trigger pure muscle anabolism without the negative side effects seen from inferior products on the market. And LEUKIC - a revolutionary dietary supplement - is the product of their success. Muscle Tech is confident that LEUKIC leads to superior gains in permanent, hard, dense muscle with no androgenic side effects, bloating, or temporary gains. LEUKIC's power must be experienced to be believed!

Why is it that some guys can't seem to build muscle? Simple. They're not anabolic enough to grow muscle tissue. If your body isn't in a state of anabolism, then don't expect to add any muscle. Zero. Zilch. Impossible. Worse yet, you may even be catabolic right now and your body is breaking down precious muscle tissue for energy! Time to kill catabolism and switch your body into musclebuilding mode with LEUKIC, an advanced anabolic activator. We're talking about potent stuff here. The world's very first 100 percent completely anabolic compound. With ongoing training, this leads to thick, dense muscle! The science proves it works. LEUKIC kicks the body into high anabolic gear as no other supplement can!

LEUKIC is the world's first 100% anabolic compound and has no negative androgenic side effects!

LEUKIC is designed to work synergistically to bring permanent gains in high-quality, dense muscle - the kind of hard-as-nails muscle that makes people's jaws drop in astonishment.

So how is it that LEUKIC does its job so well in making bodybuilders naturally anabolic beyond belief?
LEUKIC is able to bypass the normal hormone/receptor anabolic mechanism and trigger muscle anabolism all on its own. You see, in order to build muscle, hormones have to be elevated or spiked, and then attach or bind themselves to receptors. Once they attach, the receptors then send a signal to the inside of the muscle fibers, telling them to grow. This is a good thing, but it also creates an undesirable problem. What happens when you elevate one hormone, is you cause others to increase or decrease, creating a hormonal mix that might work toward building muscle, or might create an imbalance that could set your body back weeks or even months! The latter is referred to by scientists as a negative feedback loop mechanism.

Research confirms that the key ingredients in LEUKIC flip on the anabolic switch that ignites freaky muscle growth!

Until now, nobody except Team MuscleTech has been able to figure out how to bypass this hormonal loop. This is where LEUKIC succeeds and all other supplements have failed. LEUKIC activates the metabolic machinery in the body that is responsible for transmitting your body's most powerful anabolic musclebuilding signal - but without elevating or decreasing hormonal levels!

Each serving of LEUKIC is fully loaded with a clinically proven 7.2-gram dose of a unique proprietary and patent-pending compound designed to throw your body into high anabolic gear. A scientific article found in a leading medical journal noted that a key element in LEUKIC has a unique ability to stimulate anabolic muscle growth, as well as having an ability to decrease muscle catabolism. These incredible results make LEUKIC a powerful ally in the battle for staying in an anabolic state.

What's more, there's very solid evidence in a published study suggesting that a key component in LEUKIC is effective for increasing a key phosphorylation step in skeletal muscle in humans at rest. Phosphorylation in this metabolic pathway is needed to positively affect the mechanisms involved in muscle growth. So as you can see, there is no lack of scientific research standing behind LEUKIC and the effectiveness of its ingredients.

Leukic Additional Notes

How LEUKIC's Key Anabolic Compound Works:

1. LEUKIC has its own nutrient-signalling pathway that begins a process called phosphorylation. Phosphorylation occurs among signaling compounds, and this then activates an initiation complex within the nucleus of the cell.

2. Other anabolic hormones are also received by its receptor, where signals are exchanged to allow the hormone to enter and act on the initiation complex.

3. Upon activation of the initiation complex, the complex begins protein synthesis, which then leads to muscle growth!

Negative Feedback Loops: Hormones are produced from various parts of the body. For example, the testicles produce testosterone, the adrenal glands produce adrenaline, and the pancreas produces insulin. Negative feedback is a concept that occurs between hormones whereby when one hormone acts on a part of the body, it opposes the effects of another hormone. LEUKIC activates the anabolic signals that hormones normally activate without directly affecting the hormones themselves, making it an effective supplement to maximize your body's muscle growth signals!

If there's one thing that's clear by now, it's that the only real secret to getting huge is to be anabolic. And bodybuilders everywhere have been waiting forever for something that will help them get totally jacked. The best way not to be catabolic is to be anabolic, and science proves that the primary ingredients in LEUKIC flips on the anabolic so that you can pack on as much muscle as fast as humanly possible!

As great as LEUKIC is in its own right, Team MuscleTech researchers are strongly recommending that serious bodybuilders combine it with the GAKIC supplement to create the perfect musclebuilding stack.

Leukic Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (6 caplets) first thing in the morning. On workout days, take 1 serving immediately before your workout. For extreme results, take twice a day. Consume ten 8 oz. glasses of water daily for general good health. Read the entire label before use and follow directions.

For best results, stack with GAKIC.

Leukic Ingredients

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, calcium carbonate, vegetable stearine, magnesium stearate, silica, magnesium silicate, leucoatT coating (polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol, talc, titanium dioxide, riboflavin, FD&C red no. 40, FD&C yellow no. 6, FD&C blue no. 2, hydroxypropyl cellulose, soy lecithin, polysorbate 80), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, lysine ketoisocaproic acid, acesulfame-potassium.